The Importance of High Quality and Comfortable Office Chairs for Daily Use

An office worker or an executive, whatever position you hold in your workplace, your health is of prime concern. This would be especially with regard to your spine, the most important part of your body, which tends to be ignored.

Relationship Between Office Interior Design and Productivity

Naked walls and shabby floors can be the biggest distraction that an office can exhibit! The trend of the day is easy and light attire; peppy music and inspiring and open working environment to make your work place really interesting.

Different Types of Modular Office Furniture That Are Available Today

The word modular has taken the furniture market by storm because it is a modern trend of furniture that is cost effective and very comfortable. You often have heard about modular kitchen but it can be that you haven’t had a first-hand idea of what modular office furniture can be.

What Do You Need To Make Sure While Buying Office Furniture?

Is your new office shining with newly painted walls and you are just left with the furniture? Are you worrying about which kind of furniture to buy to go perfectly with those sophisticated walls and the glass cabin?

7 Advantages of Modular Office Furniture That You Can Benefit From

The importance of furniture is immense, especially in an office, as most of the clients and even employees judge the company standards on the basis of its look and feel. Gone are the days when the office premises were stuffed with unsuitable big tables and chairs.

Rejuvenate your Office Space with Office Domain

Office interior proliferate three words- luxurious, classy and visually pleasing; and with the proper office fitout techniques, you can exuberate the shine and work culture of your reputed institution.

Importance of Ergonomic Office Furniture

At a time when work stress is one of the biggest contributing factors to numerous lifestyle affected diseases and fitness problems, naturally the furniture in our workplace must be more comforting to our physical posture and help us to achieve a overall sense of well being

Introducing Spektrum Corner Workstation

Let us introduce here our new range in innovative workstation solutions, Spektrum Workstation. This state of the art workstation fit out range is appropriate for all types of work environments and they offer an array of user specific designs for different workstation requirements.

Designer Furniture for a Smarter Office

In the modern commercial premises like the space management attributes office furniture designed as per the space attributes and to the design aspects is equally important.

Office Fit Out Ideas for Cafeteria

Ideas and corresponding creativity in designing and shaping office fit outs for modern business and commercial premise is an important factor for the brand image of the company and also for properly addressing the economic constraints on space and utility.