Connect Infrastructure Reception Fit Out

Office Domain successfully accomplished custom designing and manufacturing reception desk and storage for Connect Infrastructure, located in Prestons, Sydney. The duration of the project was 6 weeks and total cost was <$25,000.

Office Fit out Process - Reform Your office

To furnish an office as par the desired professional standard is not an easy task, especially with the constraints like availability of space, budget and corresponding challenges of retaining the productivity standard and excellence in delivering the brand image.

Tips to Execute an Office Fit Out Plan Successfully

Are you bored of your current workspace? How about overhauling your office according to your liking and convenience? In case, you are planning an office makeover, consider hiring a well reputed office fit outs service.

Office Fit Out Ideas for Cafeteria

Ideas and corresponding creativity in designing and shaping office fit outs for modern business and commercial premise is an important factor for the brand image of the company and also for properly addressing the economic constraints on space and utility.

What are the Objectives of Office Refurbishment?

Even though you have a big office at the central business district of the city with plush surrounding and there is no shortcoming of any type as far as the functional aspects are concerned, suddenly your management to the amazement of the employees decided to go for a complete makeover of the office.

Office Fit Out Ideas for Reception

In any office or corporate environment the reception area represents the face of the brand and company. A gloomy, clumsy unattractive looking reception can set a mood that is detrimental to the business.

Glass Partition Walls Act as Beautiful Dividers for Your Office

John Keats was perhaps right when he said that ‘A thing of beauty lasts forever’. Such is the beauty of the glass partition walls that are used to create an aesthetically brighter look for a modern office.

Creating Different Workspaces to Increase Productivity

When it comes to increasing productivity as a business, the solution will always be different depending on who you are and what your business does.

Making Use of Limited Office Space

Regardless of how small your office is, do whatever you need to do to make your office a space that feels great and where you can be productive. Keywords: Office Furniture, Office Chair