Connect Infrastructure Reception Fit Out

Office Domain successfully accomplished custom designing and manufacturing reception desk and storage for Connect Infrastructure, located in Prestons, Sydney. The duration of the project was 6 weeks and total cost was <$25,000.

Many Reasons Why Offices Across Are Switching To Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ask yourself if you were ever happy about the chairs you sat on and did your work at office? Honestly, the answer in your mind would be ermmm NO!! Not everyone would say they were happy, but the ones who say so are those who have always used ergonomic chairs for seating purposes.

How to Choose Suitable Office Desks for the Happy Employees at Work

Making a decision does take time and the application of due diligence, irrespective of what one is deciding on. The same would be when buying office desks and chairs.

Be Realistic and Practical When Choosing Reception Desks

Most of us with an office space want the best ambience around, for internal and external employees alike. Ask yourself this question, as a client if you happen to enter your vendors office, and if the mise-en-scene around wasn’t too pleasing or to your likings, would you not think otherwise about their work culture?

Reasons to Choose Cubit Executive Office Desks

Is it time to get a new office desk for you? With so many designs and brands of office desks available today, the whole process of buying a new desk might prove to be quite confusing.

Enhance Your Branding with Apex Reception Desk

A unique piece of reception counter can help you to create a long lasting impression on customers. The reception area is the first place where the customer interacts with the company.

Tips to Execute an Office Fit Out Plan Successfully

Are you bored of your current workspace? How about overhauling your office according to your liking and convenience? In case, you are planning an office makeover, consider hiring a well reputed office fit outs service.

The Importance of High Quality and Comfortable Office Chairs for Daily Use

An office worker or an executive, whatever position you hold in your workplace, your health is of prime concern. This would be especially with regard to your spine, the most important part of your body, which tends to be ignored.

Relationship Between Office Interior Design and Productivity

Naked walls and shabby floors can be the biggest distraction that an office can exhibit! The trend of the day is easy and light attire; peppy music and inspiring and open working environment to make your work place really interesting.

Different Types of Modular Office Furniture That Are Available Today

The word modular has taken the furniture market by storm because it is a modern trend of furniture that is cost effective and very comfortable. You often have heard about modular kitchen but it can be that you haven’t had a first-hand idea of what modular office furniture can be.