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Space Planning

14 May 2013

Posted by: Anthony Eskief

Space Planning

We offer a practical office MEASURING and SPACE PLANNING service using CAD (Computer Aided Design) to produce accurate scaled drawings showing you what you can fit into your offices and how it will look.

If you are considering moving into a new office you might want to know prior to signing the lease whether it is physically big enough to cater for all of your needs, given the considerations identified below.

As a guide, the offices of typical Sydney based businesses range from 80 sq feet or less per person (desk) to 140sq feet or more per person. Of course this will vary considerably dependent on the type of business you are, whether you have open plan or cellular offices, the extent of meeting and break-out areas, how much storage space you need and the type and shape of building you are occupying.

All of these factors and many others such as accessibility, work-group associations (who needs to sit near who) and appearance have to be taken into consideration when planning the amount, type and size of furniture you can fit into the allotted space.


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