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Electrical & Data Cabling


Electrical Cabling

Electrical and data cabling is a vital part of the office that snakes through everything, keeping it all integrated and connected. It's atrocious to actually see electrical cabling in the office though, it's something that should be neither seen nor heard. Clever and aesthetically pleasing design, will eliminate ugly cabling from view and make it functionally efficient in layout.


Data Cabling

Data cabling is another part of an office's integrated communications system. Trust in Office Domain for this aspect of office refurbishment. In the age of ultra-fast broadband and VoIP and data; electrical and data cabling is only going to become more important in the future. Do it right,with the experts who combine cabling integration with functional and appealing design.


Audio Visual Systems

Need to wow clients and visitors? This is where an engaging and seamless audiovisual system is an important complement to electrical and data cabling. A comprehensive and reliable system is needed, to always be on hand for presentations to staff, clients and casual meetings. Having the right audiovisual system speak volumes about organisation's growth and success. It's a myth that such a system needs to go into the tens of thousands. An affordable and reliable audiovisual system is within reach.


Back Up Power Supply

An essential part of any business contingency plan, is having an uninterrupted power source. From this it's possible to power servers, IT hardware, phone systems and other essential parts of the business. A battery back up will power on when electricity mains fail, and continue for a further 20 minutes to allow for the safe closing down of the system and help to arrive.


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