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Fit out Ideas


Office Fitout Ideas and Inspirations

The workplace can be a dreary and depressing place to work. Or alternately it can be a fresh, bright and welcoming place, where people get inspiration and can work with ease and comfort. So which is your office? Here are some office fitout ideas and inspirations for office refurbishment, that will get tenants excited.

Splashes of Colour

Colour affects our mood. This is something that all psychologists, workers and casual bystanders in a Sydney street will all notice. So incorporating a savvy colour scheme into an office space, will work wonders to revivify and revitalise tired employees and peers. Neutral colours like white or mint green give the illusion of more space and tend to have a calming effect on people who inhabit offices during working hours. Vibrant colours like bright oranges and reds shouldn't be discounted, they should however be used sparingly when they appear on workstations, walls and office furniture, so as not to distract workers. 

Savvy Storage Space

Create pigeon hole style storage spaces for bags, purses and office miscellany that floats around. This will mean that desk tops can remain relatively clutter free. With a little bit of planning, office fitouts and inspirations can be an outstanding success.

Cubicle Calm

Optimal space in cubicles should be allowed for people sitting next to each other in open plan workstations. Keeping desks and chairs low to the ground encourages interaction at eye level. Of course, OH&S requirements for chairs should also be considered when planning. Ideally, it should be a communal space without feeling crowded.

Office Domain can provide you the unique office fit outs solutions through implementing innovative office fit outs ideas. 


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