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Plasterboard partition walls


What is separating meeting rooms from the kitchen area in your office? During the planning phase of any office fitout, it's important to consider the partition areas that separate the various office areas, nooks and crannies.


A wise idea is to think firstly of the function of these partitions, is it for privacy and sound-proofing? as is the case for meeting rooms and conference rooms. Or perhaps it's merely to give a modicum of private space, to allow managers to work independently of each other?


Office Domain specialises in a variety of partitions, including plasterboard partition walls, curved walls and glass partitions, depending upon the tenant's needs. A good plasterboard partition will offer privacy and sturdiness at an affordable price. Along with the all-important property of sound insulation, that can make the difference and mask the hustle and bustle going on outside. Office Domain excels in providing plasterboard partition walls that are of the highest quality for a cost-effective price.


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