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Ergonomic Office Furniture

At Office Domain we understand the importance of keeping your staff both comfortable and safe in their working environment. Back pain is the primary reason for sick leave in the Western developed world. Studies have shown an increase ranging from 5%-50% with the simple implementation of ergonomic working areas, which can play a huge role in your staff’s productivity.

 What can poor working conditions cost you as a business?

 Workers compensation, due to musculoskeletal problems like carpel tunnel syndrome and tendonitis, costs the USA up to $50 billion a year and can be easily avoided with the easy installation of ergonomic work stations. We see the necessity in prevention rather than treatment of any claim as forward thinking can create huge cuts in cost for the business in the long term.

 What are the benefits of ergonomic workstations?


  • Enhanced employee retention, which in turn lowers training costs
  • Minimises employee work absence
  • Maximises health and safety
  • Improves team moral and contentment
  • Enhances quality
  • Inspires productivity
  • Minimises workers compensation and injury claims


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